Artist's Biography

      I began photography as a serious hobby in 1968 during my career first as an antitrust litigator and then as an asset manager and nationally syndicated author of the personal finance column “Money and You.”  

Initially emphasizing black-and-white photography, I studied extensively under Eliot Cohen, a prominent Virginia photographer, imagist and lecturer.  Later, I began doing primarily color work as part of my European travels beginning in the early 1980s and studied under renowned west coast photographer Michael Seewald in 1994.This led to a body of romantic photography devoted to the unforgettable oblivion of what I call the “Backstreets of Europe.”

 In 2001, I began experimenting with what I call fauxtography, a unique, proprietary process designed to transform my romantic photos of urban Europe and Latin America into abstract images in which, as often as not, the original work is replaced entirely by more contemporary and edgy prints. Here the original subjects often become virtually unrecognizable, replaced by images perhaps even more thought provoking and timeless than the original photos.  The resulting works, printed in pigmented ink on textured gallery paper, make the finished product more closely resemble highly saturated watercolors than photographs. These images, fauxtographs, are all limited edition, signed prints, which I continue to produce prodigiously.  

Just this year I was quite humbled to be given a four-page spread in International Masters of Photography, a coffee table compendium of the "best of photography" by practitioners from more than 50 countries worldwide. The book is distributed to galleries and libraries globally. This was truly an honor. As well, I have reached an agreement with, and am now represented by, the renowned Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in the select Chelsea section of New York City.

Recently, I was honored to be invited by Architectural Digest magazine to participate in its exclusive Home Design Show to be held annually at Pier 94 in New York City. I have appeared with my work on TV and have been featured in a number of publications including elan magazine and  in SPACES magazine as part of an award-winning design by the Savant Interior Design group. My work has been selected to be featured prominently in such diverse places as Embassy Suites Hotels, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Booz Allen Hamilton.

In addition I have had a number of one man shows, most recently in the world famous Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. and have been accepted to appear in many of the finest and prestigious juried exhibitions and shows throughout the country including the acclaimed Sausalito Art Festival, the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the Northern Virginia Arts Festival.  My work also has appeared in the Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado; I have exhibited as well in such venues as the McBride Gallery, Trowbridge-Lewis Gallery and the Lakeside Gallery.  My work is owned by collectors worldwide.

Heier Art